Styliano creates contemporary jewellery, respecting the freedom of forms, but not neglecting the timelessness of its character and sophistication.

Jewells that reflect the class and the entrepreneurial character of the creator Gabriela Styliano. Gabriela Styliano is the image and soul of the company, which was founded in Porto in the early 90's.


Gabriela Styliano

Gabriela Styliano brings a unique, innovative and modern approach to her creations. It creates jewellery for women with strong personalities who want to add details that make them attractive, cosmopolitan and original.

Gabriela's talent is associated with the skills of her own studio, skilled in the use of traditional techniques and always open to innovation. There are several disciplines that the studio combines in order to create the unique style of Styliano jewellery.


The reaffirmation of Styliano aesthetics carries with it the formal innovation of the sector, applying new alloys and improbable forms, which contribute to a stylistic and aesthetic freedom that continually surprises the admirers of the brand.


The creations of Gabriela Styliano represent the present, without forgetting the past and projecting the future, giving rise to timeless jewellery.


All materials used by Styliano are genuine: their pearls, fine and precious stones. In fine metals, their guarantee resides in the use of the puncture in force in Portuguese Law.