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 Styliano: global brand

Styliano: global brand

Know more about Styliano, a brand without borders and with a global reach.

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Social Media: the Styliano world in just a click

Social Media: the Styliano world in just a click

Be part of our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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 Welcome to Styliano’s world

Welcome to Styliano’s world

Know more about the unique creations of the creator from Porto.

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  • “The brand is a reflection of the creator's own personality”
    Portugal Inovador Mag.
  • “It is synonymous of timelessness, originality and cosmopolitanism”
    Portugal Inovador Mag.
  • “With its technical characteristics (...) Styliano's rings are jewellery pieces of art”
    Revista Rua (Mag.)
  • “«You can find Styliano Jewelery creations in countries like Spain, France, Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus, Russia, United States, Australia, Puerto Rico, Mozambique and Chile»”
    Fashion Network
  • “Beautiful as always! I would love buy all of it! Congratulations Styliano!”
    Esther Abad
  • “Design with stones and pearls in combination with gold and silver. Harmony and good taste.”
    Teresa Sunyer
  • “More and more beautiful. Every day I like it more! Congratulations for the collections.”
    Sandra Abad
  • “I feel speechless. But I feel it when I see so much beauty. Each piece conveys a feeling of elegance, purity, light, beauty, transparency, strength. These are unique pieces.”
    Sandra Montalban Hernandez
  • “Some time ago I saw the first piece and since then I have not stopped falling in love! The design, the stones chosen with love ... each piece is unique and made with passion! Congratulations Gabriela!”
    Alicia Secall Sellarés
  • “I have several pieces and I really appreciate it. Great quality and refinement.”
    Inês Lopes Saraiva
  • “Fantastic work! A gift!”
    Anabela Reis
  • “All I can say is, if you want a piece of jewelry that will stand you apart from a crowd this is it ! It is a promise!”
    Cristina Chabot
  • “Fabolous, amazing, fantastic, superb. I love stones!”
    Zania Guido
  • “”
    Mónica Teixeira